About Us

Energy Medical Group

Energy Medical Group is the leading Company in the production and distribution of the latest generation and technologically advanced devices, in particular in the Magnet Therapy sector. All devices are 100% Made in Italy and are produced according the needed requisites, as the CE 0051 Certificate, which states the law conformity to the 93/42 – CEE at the European level, the Health Minister free sale Certifications; our devices are even tax deductible according to the current laws.

Magnet Therapy is an absolute natural and noninvasive treatment for all sort of skeleton-muscular apparatus pathologies, from arthritis to arthrosis, from tendinitis to fractures, from strains to lumbalgiya, from muscular general pains to those more specific. Magnet therapy is extremely efficient in the treatment of osteoporosis, heart failure, healing, ulcers, and others mostly related to senility; this is the reason why it is an alternative treatment to anti-inflammatory drugs especially for pain relief condition therapies.

We boast a long experience in the distribution of efficient advanced technology devices to a large number of hospitals and health care establishments.

Recently, we have decided to devote our efforts to private, sport people, in particular to families facing difficulties due to expensive medical treatments to treat their painful pathologies and so, forced to reduce their activities.

The main aim of our Company is to offer efficient medical devices to support and give beneficial effects to those who suffer painful diseases in their everyday life, due to arthrosis, rheumatism and osteoporosis, which mainly affect elderly people.

This is the reason why our magnet therapy devices are present in almost every Centre for the elderly all over Italy; in fact, we are the official sponsor of FEDERCENTRI, a national institution which operates with Associations taking care of elderly, their health conditions, their rights and wellbeing.

All those aspects give birth to our main Mission: to provide the opportunity to follow an alternative, natural treatment for painful diseases, in order to say: