Magnet Therapy for Human Use

Magnet therapy

Magnet Therapy is a form of physiotherapy involving the use or the terrestrial magnetism, a natural resource necessary for all life forms on earth.

Magnet Therapy is not part of the modern science discoveries, but it has been used since ancient Egypt; however, it is only after the II World War that magnet therapy is recognized and used as a real professional therapy; in fact, scientific studies have shown that Magnet Therapy can regenerate and “recharge” our damaged cells due to a chronic or inflammatory disease and, at the same time, improving the enzyme kinetics.

All our body cells have an electric potential, which is defined as the rest membrane electric potential (MP), calculated by the difference in electric potential between the interior and the exterior of a cell. Following a muscular lesion, a trauma, an injury, a disease, the surrounding cells of the area lose part of their electric potential.

The generated magnetic field enables the transfer of energy to the cells, which are “electrically recharged”. Magnetic field pulses on cells, on biological membranes and on blood vessels, have various beneficial therapeutic effects: anti-inflammatory, anti-edemigenic, and stimulates tissue repairing. Muscle relaxation, thanks to magnet therapy, promotes microcirculation, smooth fibers relax and so producing a vasodilation effect; then, the release of endorphins increases the pain threshold and a slight hyperemia produces an anti-inflammatory effect.

Magnet Therapy needs appropriate devices which uses electromagnetic fields for therapeutic purposes.

We can claim that Magnet Therapy generates various beneficial effects, both immediate and long term (anti-inflammatory, tissue regeneration, healing process acceleration, stimulating effect of the endocrine system, stress reduction, etc.).

Magnet Therapy Types:

  • Static
  • Low Frequency (LF)
  • High Frequency (HF)

STATIC magnetic field therapy is the easiest form and it is performed by applying the magnets on the areas to be treated; the LOW FREQUENCY magnet therapy is particularly efficient to stimulate calcium absorption, a very important aspect, as reinforced bones may reduce injury risk levels, degenerative diseases and Osteoporosis.

HIGH FREQUENCY Magnet Therapy, and in part low frequency, improve blood circulation and can stimulate endorphins generation by the neuro-vegetative system, with a pain relief effect associated with various pathogenic conditions, and an anti-inflammatory effect.

As for Osteoporosis treatment, Magnet Therapy is an efficient support; by looking at the bone density parameters of affected patients and comparing their conditions before and after the treatment, great improvement can be observed.

Suffice it to think that a great step forward in this field has been made thanks to NASA, who registered a health condition improvement of some crew’s members affected by osteoporosis, following a long period in the space.

Advantages and Beneficial Effects of magnet Therapy

Magnet Therapy is a noninvasive treatment without any side effects, PAINLESS, practical and easy to perform, silent and it is generally applied on clothes.

In order to get real beneficial effects and results, Magnet Therapy must be used for medium-long periods of treatment:

we suggest to follow the treatment during 30-40 days for 2-3 hours per day, associated with the nocturnal treatment (HIGH FREQUENCY) by using the BIO MAGNETIC WICKER, since there are no over dosage risks.

It is so scientifically proved that, thanks to Magnet Therapy we can treat chronic and severe diseases, and guarantee a healing and /or an improvement of the patient health condition.

In case of skeletal system injuries and pathologies, the use of Magnet Therapy during some weeks can accelerate and stimulate healing processes.

Magnet Therapy generates many beneficial effects on our human body, some of them are the following:

  • to regenerate cells without energy;
  • it prevents Osteoporosis by reducing the degenerative process;
  • it is a pain relief by acting as an efficient analgesic
  • it regulates our organism by improving our tissue oxygenation;
  • it improves our arterial circulation and it enables vasodilation; in fact, it has been shown that blood which goes through a magnetic field gets more oxygenated and free from toxic substances;
  • it reduces inflammatory processes;
  • it stimulates calcium absorption improving the overall health conditions of bones structure;
  • it enables the reabsorption of the surgical or post-traumatic edema, as it accelerates cellular metabolism, healing processes of lesions;
  • it stimulates healing processes of smooth tissues (nerves, muscles, tendons).

General Diseases


It is a chronic, inflammatory pathology and of autoimmune origin, which can arise at any age; symptoms are: pain, swelling, reddening, rigidity, which can cause joint motion block. The most affected areas are knees, shoulders, hands, feet and the vertebral column. Magnet Therapy is efficient thanks to its anti-inflammatory effects together with its antibacterial action;


It is a chronic degenerative, progressive disease of the cartilage aging process, which manifests with bones and cartilage deterioration, and its most frequent symptom is pain especially in motion; it commonly occurs in people older than 50; Magnet Therapy is highly suggested since stimulates bloodstream, by bringing more nourishment to the cartilage.

Frequent Pathologies

Cervical arthrosis

It involves not only the cartilage degeneration, but also bloodstream of the vertebral artery; generally, patients suffering from this disease manifest not only pain but also dizziness. In this case, especially with high frequency Magnet Therapy, the cervical arthrosis can be treated at a vascular level, reducing dizziness first.


It is a painful condition of the elbow involving tendons, and the forearm muscles; it is also called “tennis elbow”, as this sport may cause this inflammation, because of repeated micro-traumas. A Magnet Therapy treatment during 45/50 days generates good results.


It is the type of arthrosis which affects knees, when cartilage deteriorates and bones start rubbing against each other. The result is joint pain which worsens day by day, and limits movements. Magnet Therapy slows down cartilage deterioration process, by relieving joint pain and improving knee functionality.


It is a back pain resulting from an inflammation or contractures; it may manifest together with the sciatic nerve compression, leading to a LUMBOSCIATALGIA; in both cases, Magnet Therapy enables a psycho-physical relaxation, reduces inflammations and relieves pain.

Other Pathologies

Trauma resulting from lesion; Magnet Therapy enables blood flows in the localized clotted blood and so, reducing inflammation and pain.

It is an arthrosis form involving the hip, so that it clearly manifests in affected patients, most of them in older age. Magnet Therapy can bring beneficial effects also in this arthritis form.

It is a particular pathology involving the vertebral column, which consists in the degeneration of the intervertebral disc, located between the vertebras and makes back movements more flexible and elastic; it manifests with a back pain due to one or more compressed discs. Discopathy may be cervical (pain manifests in the upper limbs), or lumbar (pain manifests in the lower limbs). If not treated appropriately, it may lead to vertebral arthrosis: Magnet Therapy improves arthrosis and reduces the contracture.

It is a lesion of the joint ligaments with inflammation; Magnet Therapy is suggested because it enables inflammation reduction and so pain relief.

Those pains involve one or more muscles, which result strained and painful to the touch and when using them; muscle pains occur following trauma, fatigue, virus, rheumatism.

Swelling, excess in sodium ions in the cells; Magnet Therapy is very efficient because improves the sodium/potassium pump, repairs membranes and enables sodium osmosis to potassium.

It occurs when the soft inner portion of the disc protrudes through the outer ring. Magnet Therapy (with the use of the wicker) enables pain relief.

Complete or partial bones lesions, the main pathologies treated by orthopedists and surgeons; Magnet Therapy (both high and low frequency) is very efficient since it enables bones calcification.

This pathology consists in protein and mineral density reduction in bones, in particular calcium; Magnet Therapy is highly efficient because it restores the calcium ions and enables to restructure bones and make them compact.

It is not about arthrosis but it occurs when a past fracture has not been well treated and healed; in this case, calcification of the fracture is not homogeneous. It is a painless condition, and even in this case Magnet Therapy is highly efficient, since enables a homogeneous bones calcification.

This inflammation involves tendons and it is generally caused by repeated chronic solicitations, which may alter the normal fibril structure over time; knees, elbows and shoulders tendons are those most susceptible to degeneration.

It is a common trouble, frequent and painful, due to muscle lateral neck strain and manifests with limited motion (or neck block), together with cervical severe pain; Magnet Therapy enables immediate pain relief.